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Black man 'having a seizure' is pinned down by five cops in LA

A Louisiana police officer was suspended after footage captured five officers punch and kick Robby Bailey. The 53 year-old's family say he had suffered an epileptic fit shortly before

Greensill row: 'You can't have a foot in both camps'

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith says 'there needs to be a tighter concept' of how people who have left government then work with it, adding 'it has to be done in a very open way'.

England's R number drops slightly as COVID infection level falls across UK

England's R number has dropped slightly to between 0.7 and 1 - while the average level of coronavirus infection has fallen sharply sharply across the UK, according to the latest data.

Toledo family Lawyer: Child shouldn't be shot after complying

Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, the attorney for the family of Adam Toldeo, spoke with the press after police released body camera footage of the fatal shooting.

Pfizer and Moderna refused to publicly back Johnson & Johnson over blood clots

Johnson & Johnson reportedly reached out to Pfizer and Moderna for public backing after US officials recommended suspension of the single-shot vaccine on Tuesday, after a small number of women suffered from a rare blood clotting side effect. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) approached it’s biggest rivals, including Astra Zeneca, with concerns for its reputation, following the recommendation by US officials....

With food and fuel, Hezbollah braces for the worst in Lebanon collapse

With food and fuel, Hezbollah braces for the worst in Lebanon collapse

Adam Toledo shooting – latest: Eric Stillman named as officer as AOC blasts lies over 13-year-old’s killing

LIVE – Updated at 13:58 Chicago is bracing for protests after officials released a graphic body-camera video showing police officer Eric Stillman shooting and killing a 13-year-old boy as he appeared to be raising his hands. The nine-minute video from Mr Stillman’s body camera showed the 34-year-old officer running after Adam Toledo in an alley at 2.30am on 29 March in Little Village, a Mexican neighbourhood on the city’s West Side. The officer...

Fresh support for ban on children getting Botox and cosmetic fillers

Lord Bethell said the Government backs proposals to bring certain procedures in line with other body modification techniques.

Madrid may shut down mass vaccination centres unless more shots arrive

Madrid may shut down mass vaccination centres unless more shots arrive

Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter 22 days after quitting for good

Chrissy Teigen has returned to Twitter 22 days after quitting the social media platform for good. The model and television personality, who is married to the singer-songwriter John Legend, announced on 25 March that she had been left “deeply bruised” by Twitter and that the platform had “served [her] negatively”. “My life goal is to make people happy,” she tweeted. “The pain I feel when I don’t is too much for me … For years I have taken so many...

Biden news - live: President to be briefed on Indianapolis FedEx shooting

Joe Biden is to be briefed on a shooting at a FedEx centre in Indianapolis that saw eight people lose their lives. The gunman, who reportedly used a semiautomatic rifle, also took his own life. It is the third major mass shooting of Mr Biden’s presidency, after a gunman in Atlanta opened fire at a series of spas and another in Boulder attacked a grocery store. Meanwhile, Russia has threatened to strike back after Mr Biden expelled diplomats and...

Lebanon-Syria: Smuggling and sanctions, the new front line

Despite being on the brink of collapse, the Lebanese economy is keeping a troublesome neighbour afloat: Bashar al-Assad's Syria. In order to dodge international sanctions on the Assad regime – notably the US-imposed Caesar Act – products such as food and petrol are being smuggled across the border into Syria on a massive scale. Our reporters James André and Mayssa Awad investigated a phenomenon that costs the Lebanese economy a whopping $15 million a day and prevents the international community from coming to its aid.

Anti-racism rallies 'all for nothing' if people don't vote, campaigners warn

Members of unrepresented communities are urged to register to vote before Monday's deadline in a new video released by Operation Black Vote

COVID-19 cases in Canada's most populous province could treble: CBC

COVID-19 cases in Canada's most populous province could treble: CBC

No flights over Windsor during Philip’s funeral

No arrivals or departures will fly over the area during the funeral, Heathrow Airport said.

Iran says it has begun enriching uranium to 60 percent, its highest level yet

Iran said Friday it has begun producing uranium at 60 percent purity, in another breach of its commitments to the international community which is concerned about its nuclear programme. The Islamic republic had declared it would sharply ramp up its enrichment of uranium on Tuesday, two days after an attack on its Natanz nuclear facility that it blamed on arch-foe Israel. The announcement cast a shadow over talks in Vienna aimed at salvaging the...

When it comes to corruption, Britain is catching up fast with the Middle East

I used to meet businessmen in the Middle East who were in a state of high anxiety about their chances of winning a government contract. They were naturally reluctant to spell out the details, but they hinted that their chief worry was whether or not the official they had bribed to get them a contract would, in the event, be willing or able to do so. They took it for granted that I knew that nobody successfully did business with the governments...

We need a proper debate about TV diversity, instead we get ludicrous arguments

Luther first aired on BBC One more than a decade ago, yet it’s still the focus for debate about Black representation in British television. Why? Because it’s still one of a handful of examples of a major British drama series with a Black lead character. That scarcity is the crux of the issue, however misleadingly it is currently being framed by headlines such as “ Idris Elba’s Luther ‘isn’t black enough to be real’, says BBC diversity chief”....

Analysis: U.S. announcement of pullout from Afghanistan undermines chances of peace

Analysis: U.S. announcement of pullout from Afghanistan undermines chances of peace

India Covid variant found in UK specimens taken in February

The first of the 77 cases of the India variant of coronavirus found in the UK were detected in specimens dating back to February, the Guardian has learned. On Thursday Public Health England (PHE) revealed that 77 cases of a variant first detected in India, called B.1.617, had been found in the UK, with 73 cases in England and four in Scotland. It is designated a “variant under investigation” but is worrying researchers as it contains two...

Bottom trawling must be banned immediately – it’s destroying our oceans

This is a crisis. We need a ban on bottom trawling now – the practice of dropping fishing nets with heavy weights onto the ocean floor is disastrous for the planet. Shocking new research in the journal Nature, conducted by 26 marine biologists and climate experts, has revealed that the carbon emissions released from ancient sea-bed stores into ocean waters from bottom trawling fisheries reach a billion tonnes every year – 47.7 million tonnes of...

Scores of troops, rebels killed in heavy clashes near Yemen city of Marib

Heavy fighting near the Yemeni city of Marib has killed 96 combatants over the past two days as Huthi rebels press their offensive on the government's last northern toehold, loyalist commanders said Friday. "Clashes between the two sides on several fronts in the Marib area on Wednesday and Thursday killed 36 loyalists troops and 60 rebels," one government military source told AFP. The Iran-backed Shiite rebels rarely disclose their own losses....

Funeral security operation could be on ‘smaller scale’ amid pandemic

The ceremony honouring the Duke of Edinburgh will take place at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Paris talks seek to defuse growing Russia-Ukraine tensions

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were to hold talks Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a show of support for his pro-Western government after a Russian military build-up on its eastern borders raised fears of an invasion. FRANCE 24's International Affairs Commentator Douglas Herbert tells us more.

Epic Release Tool For Creating Human Faces

Epic showcase footage from their tool that makes it easy to create human faces

Myanmar's ousted MPs form shadow government

A "parliament" working in hiding to oust Myanmar's junta from power announced a new shadow government Friday, with deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi at its helm alongside ethnic minority politicians. The country has been in turmoil since the military detained Suu Kyi and seized power, triggering a massive uprising that the junta has sought to quell with lethal force.

Spanish firefighter jailed after starting a fire to ‘satisfy his ego’

A volunteer firefighter who sought to “satisfy his ego” by using petrol to start a blaze that devoured 144 hectares of forest and scrubland in northern Spain has been given a three-and-a-half-year jail term and ordered to pay more than €158,000 in damages. Luis Trueba, the former head of the Civil Protection volunteer service in Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria, had denied deliberately setting the fire in February 2019 so that he could help put...

The drama over the princes’ uniforms is just a royal version of EastEnders

There’s an old Jewish sketch about a guy who makes a load of money and buys a boat. Resplendent in gold braid or whatever, he says to his father: “Look, I’m a captain now!” “By your wife, you’re a captain,” his father replies. “By me, you’re a captain. But by a captain, you’re no captain.” This seems to be more or less where the Queen has arrived, in the preparations for the funeral of her husband. I can imagine the Windsors starting off with...

London’s best pub gardens to watch the football

Rejoice! The pubs are open, lockdown has eased and the football is on. Sadly, not all beer gardens have screens which is frustrating for football fans wanting to sip a cool frothy one after months of watching at home. Helpfully, we’ve compiled a list the capital’s best pub gardens to take your five-a-side team (and a sub!). All you have to worry about is enjoying the game, celebrating/forgetting the result and then falling asleep before Match of...

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 – the fight for The Shield

*** WARNING: This review contains spoilers for all current episodes of Falcon and Winter Soldier *** The last episode of The post Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 – the fight for The Shield appeared first on CityAM.

China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine 67% effective in preventing symptomatic infection: Chile govt report

China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine 67% effective in preventing symptomatic infection: Chile govt report

Evening Standard Comment: Raise a glass to first weekend of lockdown freedom | A Spurs whitewash?

Raise a glass to first weekend of freedom Did you manage to book a table? London’s hospitality sector is set for a bumper few days as the capital gets ready to celebrate the first weekend of outdoor freedom in months. Demand has been even better than expected. Reservations are far higher even than on so-called “Super Saturday” last July when the ban on eating out after the first lockdown was lifted. Revellers are expected to spend £300million...

Mum told to pay £5k legal bill to help disabled daughter access her own £2,400 savings

EXCLUSIVE Libby South has £2,400 in her child trust fund account, however, to access it safely on her behalf, her mum - who has been paying into it for 18 years - has been told to pay thousands in legal fees

Video shows man saving his wife from a bobcat by throwing it across the lawn

A man saved his wife from a bobcat by picking it up with his bare hands and throwing it across the lawn, a viral video appears to show. The video, which looks to be taken from home surveillance footage, begins with the man greeting a woman jogging down the street. He says "I need to wash my car," as he puts down his cup on the hood to pull out his car keys to unlock his vehicle. His wife appears in the video as he opens the rear car door. This...

We now have 13-year-olds shot dead on camera – but still nothing changes

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the footage. I knew what I’d see – a teenage boy, barely able to hold up his own jeans. Before pressing “play” to enable me to write this piece, wincing as I did so, I forced myself to take in the grainy image of Adam Toledo staring back into the eyes of the police officer chasing him down a dark alleyway in the early hours of 29 March: hands in the air, wearing an oversized black Nike hoody, scruffy cap on...

A retiring Castro to bring younger face to Cuba's communists

This week's Communist Party congress could be the last with a Castro at the helm of Cuba's all-powerful political institution.

Boris Johnson under fire for condemning ICC war crime probe in West Bank and Gaza

A dozen British charities have condemned Boris Johnson for rejecting an International Criminal Court probe into alleged war crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian Territories as “political interference.” The charities have warned that Mr Johnson’s criticism of the investigation sets a dangerous precedent, and the Palestinian mission in London said it undermines British credibilty globally. Mr Johnson said in a recent letter to the...

Partner of crossbow murder victim slams lack of curbs on ‘lethal weapon’ sales

Laura Sugden was speaking after a coroner said he is writing to Home Secretary Priti Patel about his concerns following Shane Gilmer’s death.

Haunted portraits, a lost church and the mystery of colour – the week in art

Exhibition of the week Love’s Labours Found Haunted portraits to spook the imagination - or, as the gallery has it, important new discoveries in Elizabethan and Jacobean portraiture. As commercial galleries open before museums, this is your best bet for a historical show this month. . Philip Mould and Co, London from 21 April until 29 May Also showing Mat Collishaw An ambitious permanent film installation by this intelligent and thoughtful...

Hong Kong pro-democracy figures given jail terms of up to 18 months

A court in Hong Kong has handed down a mixture of jail and suspended sentences to 10 of the territory’s most prominent pro-democracy figures, including veteran reformers, politicians and a media mogul who were instrumental during the transition from British rule in the 1990s. The jail terms for organising or participating in an unauthorised assembly - traditionally a low-level offence attracting fines - are a highly symbolic blow to the...

What will Prince Philip’s funeral be like? And who are the 30 guests?

‘This isn’t just any court case’: Aldi mocks M&S as Colin the Caterpillar cake war rages on

Aldi has hit back at Marks & Spencer as the war of the caterpillar cakes rages on. M&S started legal action against Aldi in an effort to protect its famous Colin the Caterpillar cake claiming Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar product infringes its trademark. They want Aldi to remove the product from sale and agree not to sell anything similar in the future. But Aldi has so far refused to back down even mocking M&S’s famous slogan on its social...

Woman in India catfished into thinking she was marrying Prince Harry

We all know Prince Harry is happily married to Meghan Markle with whom he’s expecting his second child. And yet, woman in India is reportedly suing the Duke of Sussex for not honouring a promise he made to marry her. If it sounds totally outlandish that’s because it is. Lawyers believe Palwinder Kaur was catfished by someone pretending to be him. Kaur is convinced that she’s been exchanging emails with the sixth in line to the British throne,...

What is a lady-in-waiting? Who could accompany the Queen to Prince Philip’s funeral – and meaning of the role

The Queen will be accompanied to Prince Philip's funeral in the state Bentley by a lady-in-waiting, but must sit alone in St George's Chapel

'Does culture cost too much?': A survey creates controversy in France

France plunged into a third, partial lockdown at the beginning of April. An overnight nationwide curfew has been in place since mid-December, and all France’s restaurants, bars, gyms, cinemas and museums have been closed since October.

Digital divide hampers Stockholm vaccinations as elderly struggle to book

Digital divide hampers Stockholm vaccinations as elderly struggle to book

Alexei Navalny says he is being threatened with force-feeding

The imprisoned Russian opposition leader is on hunger strike.

‘A petri dish for innovation’: how 10 years of Turner Contemporary have impacted Margate

In the summer of 2020, anti-racism marchers arrived on the steps of the Turner Contemporary in Margate while it was hosting the exhibition We Will Walk – Art and Resistance in the American South. The march’s organisers were the artists and founders of People Dem Collective, Kelly Abbott and Victoria Barrow Williams, who were disappointed at the exhibition’s American focus because, as they put it: “So much was lost. We’re not from Alabama, we’re...

Dinah Rose QC

On 28 January 2021, The Independent published an article titled: Oxford don accused of ‘reinforcing violence against LGBTQ+ people’. It included a quote which suggested that, by acting for the Cayman Islands government, Dinah Rose was reinforcing the “continuum of violence against LGBTQ+ people throughout the Caribbean”. The Independent accepts that Ms Rose has not condoned or encouraged violence against LGBTQ+ people. The article also quoted a...

Roma defender Smalling robbed by armed burglars - source

Roma defender Smalling robbed by armed burglars - source