Coronavirus briefing: January 26 round-up as UK death toll exceeds 100,000

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 100 million as nations tackle vaccine shortages

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 100 million as nations tackle vaccine shortages

Emmerdale foreshadows Al Chapman murder twist with chilling death comment?

Emmerdale's Al Chapman could regret crossing Debbie Dingle and Priya Sharma, as the village turns against him

Vietnam's Communist Party chief nominated for re-election: state media

Australia Day reveller trying to flee police gets stuck in mud

A Victorian man trying to flee police after Australia Day celebrations in Cairns had to be rescued by officers instead after becoming stuck in the mud.

China reports lowest daily rise in COVID-19 cases in more than two weeks

China reports lowest daily rise in COVID-19 cases in more than two weeks

NI approach to pandemic should be less inward-looking, virologist says

The race between different countries to deliver vaccines should recognise that people will have to travel and trade, Dr Lindsay Broadbent added.

Newly found Fukushima plant contamination may delay cleanup

TOKYO (AP) — A draft investigation report into the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown, adopted by Japanese nuclear regulators Wednesday, says it has detected dangerously high levels of radioactive contamination at two of the three reactors, adding to concerns about decommissioning challenges. The interim report said data collected by investigators showed that the sealing plugs sitting atop the No. 2 and 3 reactor containment vessels were as fatally...

Wisconsin pharmacist will plead guilty to COVID-19 vaccine sabotage

Steven Brandenburg, the Wisconsin pharmacist accused of intentionally sabotaging hundreds of doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, will plead guilty to two counts of "attempting to tamper with consumer products with reckless disregard for the risk that another person would be placed in danger of death and bodily injury," the Justice Department announced Tuesday. Each count carries up to 10 years in prison. After his arrest, police called...

Tyrannosaur babies 'born ready' to hunt and kill

The babies of a ferocious group of meat-eating dinosaurs, that included T-rex, were huge, fully toothed and clawed and “born ready” to kill, according to analysis of recently uncovered embryonic remains.

Kerry aims to talk US back into a lead role in climate fight

From a wood-paneled library in his Boston mansion, new climate envoy John Kerry is talking the U.S. back into a leading role in global climate action, making clear the nation isn't just revving up its own efforts to reduce oil, gas and coal pollution but that it intends to push everyone in the world to do more, too. Kerry’s diplomatic efforts match the fast pace of domestic climate directives by the week-old Biden administration, which created...

California man arrested, accused of sending threatening messages to brother of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

On the same day a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol earlier this month, the brother of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) received threatening text messages from a person who told him the lawmaker was "putting your entire family at risk with his lies and other words," the congressman's office confirmed on Tuesday. The incident was included in a federal criminal complaint unsealed in Manhattan. According to the document, Jeffries' brother, Hasan...

Country diary: the camera captures a world curtained by fog

There is a vague hump shape, like a sleeping dinosaur under the trees and the camera is hunting for it. I catch the “tick-tick-tick” whirr of anguished electronics by my side as it struggles to find an edge on which to focus. My eyes learn from the camera about how we really see at a distance in freezing fog. Normally dark tree trunks are not dark at all but are filmed with a milky wash, and the spread of branches dissolves into the white of the...

Afghanistan's first female breakdancer sets sights on Paris Olympics

Afghanistan's first female breakdancer sets sights on Paris Olympics

UK’s Covid death toll could reach 150,000 before pandemic ‘burns out,’ Sage scientist warns after grim milestone

The UK could see another 50,000 deaths from coronavirus, a scientist advising the Government has warned after the grim milestone of 100,000 was reached. Boris Johnson insisted he takes “full responsibility” for the response to the pandemic and said “we did everything we could” to minimise suffering. Professor Calum Semple, who sits on the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), predicted there could be tens of thousands...

Coronavirus latest news: Britons to face hotel quarantine from 30 high-risk countries

Coronavirus latest news: Britons to face hotel quarantine from 30 high-risk countries

Josh Hawley accuses Democrats who filed ethics complaint of conspiring with Lincoln Project

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has accused Democrats who filed an ethics complaint against him of working with the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Seven Democratic senators have called for an investigation into Mr Hawley and Ted Cruz in the wake of the deadly Capitol riot that left five people dead. Both senators have faced widespread criticism amidst calls for them to resign for their role in trying to challenge Joe Biden’s election victory. Mr...

Sen. Patrick Leahy at home following brief hospitalization

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is resting at home following a brief stint in the hospital. Leahy, 80, is president pro tempore of the Senate, and on Monday was sworn in to preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. In a statement, David Carle, a spokesman for Leahy, said the senator did not feel well on Tuesday evening, and went to George Washington University Hospital "out of an abundance of caution." Carle said Leahy was...

Another pandemic-causing ‘Disease X’ could be around the corner, scientist warns

Another pandemic-causing ‘Disease X’ could potentially be around the corner and it is a matter of when, not if, a leading scientist has warned. However, it is difficult to tell when such a disease may emerge, and the precise mechanism of how it comes out is always unpredictable. Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology, University of Edinburgh, said that while pandemic flu is at the top of the list for outbreaks to be...

Farmers back at protest camp after deep challenge to PM Modi

NEW DELHI (AP) — Tens of thousands of farmers who stormed the historic Red Fort on India's Republic Day were again camped outside the capital Wednesday after the most volatile day of their two-month standoff left one protester dead and more than 80 police officers injured. The protests demanding the repeal of new agricultural laws have grown into a rebellion that is rattling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. On Tuesday, more than 10,000...

HS2 protesters to occupy tunnel network under central London park


Johnson strikes a different tone 12 months on from first UK Covid case

The UK has one of the highest coronavirus death tolls in the world but the vaccine programme offers hope.

Specieswatch: dexters – the small cattle breed that is booming

Dexters are the smallest breed of cattle in Europe and among the hardiest, which makes them popular in conservation and rewilding projects. They are a third the size of a Friesian milking cow and other European commercial breeds of cattle. All these varieties go by the same Latin name, Bos taurus taurus , to distinguish them from Asiatic and African species. Although they are now bred all over the world, dexters originated in the west of Ireland...

Positive COVID-19 tests linked to Australian Open downgraded to eight

Positive COVID-19 tests linked to Australian Open downgraded to eight

Canterbury Cathedral windows are being reassembled

Experts discovered the blunder while preparing for a British Museum exhibition on Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was butchered by knights allied to his foe King Henry II.

This Is How I’m Teaching My Kids About The Anti-Semitism They’ll Face

How do you tell your children that if they’d been born just six decades earlier they probably would have been murdered? Or, if they were lucky, have to be hidden by strangers and live in fear of discovery, far from the protection of their parents? My children grew up in Amsterdam. For four years we lived in the street where the Gestapo had been located in the city. Our street was also where the ‘Central Office for Jewish Emigration’ and the...

COVID-19 pandemic forces Chelsea Flower Show to move to autumn

The Chelsea Flower Show has become the latest event to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

No new players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame

No new players were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time in 60 years years as Curt Schilling falls just 16 votes short and accused steroids cheats Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are also denied entry.

Are lockdown restrictions behind surge in home killings?

In 2020 there were 22 domestic homicides in the London, up from 16 in 2019. Twelve of the victims were children, including ten-year-old Dylan Freeman who was suffocated by his mother.

AstraZeneca boss blames 'glitches' for vaccine supply delays in Europe

AstraZeneca's chief executive has hit back at the EU by saying that "glitches" in the supply of coronavirus vaccines to the bloc are due to it signing its contract three months after the UK.

UN global climate poll: ‘People’s voice is clear – they want action’

The biggest ever opinion poll on climate change has found two-thirds of people think it is a “global emergency”. The survey shows people across the world support climate action and gives politicians a clear mandate to take the major action needed, according to the UN organisation that carried out the poll. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) questioned 1.2 million people in 50 countries, many of them young. While younger people showed the...

Milestones in the rise of the UK’s Covid-19 death toll

There were 23 consecutive days in April 2020 when more than 1,000 deaths took place.

A thorn in Biden’s side or the butt of his jokes: Who is Fox reporter Peter Doocy?

There were so few press conferences during the Trump administration that at one point the podium in the press briefing room was literally gathering cobwebs. The Biden administration has resumed regular press briefings, and no journalist so far has made more of an impression in the Brady Briefing Room than Fox News’s Peter Doocy. He’s quickly developed a reputation for asking the president awkward questions — and occasionally provoking mildly...

Sentencing hearing to take place for teenager who admitted harassing Ian Wright

Patrick O’Brien, 18, admitted to harassing the former Premier League star and sending him messages that were grossly offensive, obscene and menacing.

Japan PM apologises after lawmakers' night club outings

Japan PM apologises after lawmakers' night club outings

David Attenborough warns planet is on the verge of another mass extinction event

In the latest episode of A Perfect Planet, Sir David Attenborough warns that the planet is 'collapsing' in a terrifying message

Ozughan Altun: Shop worker who stabbed love rival in the heart with pair of scissors jailed for murder

A shop worker who stabbed a love rival through the heart with a pair of scissors before leaving him to die in the street has been jailed for life. Ozughan Altun, 31, became obsessed with 24-year-old Michael Paul Baptista as they vied for the affections of a woman. In a showdown outside Altun’s family shop in Walthamstow, Mr Baptista threw a string of punches at Altun’s face. In response, Altun pulled out scissors he had armed himself with and...

Cambodia's cash-strapped cyclo drivers treated to pedal-in movie

Cambodia's cash-strapped cyclo drivers treated to pedal-in movie

Security tight at India's historic Red Fort after clashes with farmers

Security tight at India's historic Red Fort after clashes with farmers

Information commissioner 'vaccine passports' concerns

Information commissioner Elizabeth Denham discusses questions they'd present to government over vaccine passports before whether or not they would back the idea.

Basketball fans in LA remember Kobe Bryant one year after deadly crash

Basketball fans gathered across Los Angeles on Tuesday to remember Kobe Bryant, one year to the day after the former NBA superstar perished in a helicopter crash with daughter Gianna and seven others. Fans laid flowers and Los Angeles Lakers memorabilia at a makeshift memorial outside the Staples Center, the arena where Bryant became a city icon during a two-decade playing career. Bryant, 41, his daughter and fellow passengers died on January 26...

Portugal's PM BANS private schools from remote teaching during closure

The Portuguese government ordered all schools closed for two weeks last Thursday to slow contagion rates as hospitals faced record numbers of Covid-19 patients.

Virus-plagued Italy in political turmoil after PM quits

Conte, a once obscure law professor, has already led two governments of different political shades since taking office after the 2018 general election.

What the papers say – January 27

A sombre statistic about the human toll of the pandemic dominates the front pages on Wednesday.

Biden pledges 'wartime' effort to increase COVID vaccine supply

President Biden pledged a 'wartime' effort to increase the supply of COVID-19 vaccines for Americans.

This year, no one was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

There will be no new members of the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, as none of the players on the ballot received the votes necessary. There were 25 players on the Baseball Writers' Association of America's ballot, but none of them reached the 75 percent voting threshold needed for enshrinement. All-Star pitcher Curt Schilling came closest, but was still 16 votes shy. He has a long history of making inflammatory and offensive remarks, and he...

NI coronavirus vaccine slowdown revealed: Acceleration of roll-out promised but summer target out of reach at current rates

Northern Ireland won’t hit its target of this summer for mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus at current rates, the latest figures show.

Mexican president felt unwell before commercial flight, took COVID-19 test later - spokesman

Mexican president felt unwell before commercial flight, took COVID-19 test later - spokesman

Home secretary expected to announce mandatory hotel quarantine for some travellers

An announcement on mandatory hotel quarantine for some travellers is expected later today, a move that could deal a further blow to an already struggling tourism industry.

Six of the 10 unprovoked shark attack deaths last year were in Australia

Unprovoked shark bites killed 10 people around the world in 2020 with six of the deaths in Australian waters, according to international figures. The number of unprovoked shark bites and encounters in Australia was only slightly above average, with 18 incidents recorded by the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File (Isaf). The average over the last five years is 16. The 10 deaths from shark bites globally was higher than the...