Will Salmond inquiry damage the SNP?

Many in the SNP are concerned that the fallout from the inquiry will hurt the prospects of the Party. .

No chance! Boris to snub EU's 'reset' offer until UK is treated as 'sovereign equal'

BRITAIN will reject European Union attempts to trigger "major reset" of their relationship after a number of post-Brexit spats.

Gunmen kidnap 300 Nigerian schoolgirls in raid and are holding them in a forest

More than 300 schoolgirls have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen who are believed to be holding some of them in a forest in wartorn northwest Nigeria.

How did NASA's Martian rover come to land in a crater named after a tiny Balkan village?

The villagers apparently first dismissed this as fake news.

Californian doctor calls into virtual courtroom for traffic trial while performing surgery

A California judge was left stunned when a doctor showed up for his virtual traffic trial while in the middle of surgery in an operating room. Dr Scott Green appeared in the virtual courtroom on Zoom while wearing his surgical scrubs and a mask, and with a patient undergoing the procedure off camera, according to reports. The bizarre scene unfolded in the courtroom of Sacramento Superior Court Commissioner Gary Link, who was unimpressed at what...

CPAC 2021: Donald Trump Jr gets rapturous welcome after Josh Hawley calls for break up of Big Tech

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is underway in Orlando, Florida, opening with a 2020 election conspiracy supercut, a video heralding cancel culture “victim” Gina Carano and a gold statue of ousted president Donald Trump raising eyebrows in the Hyatt Regency lobby ahead of his headline speech on Sunday. Mr Trump is widely expected to announce a 2024 presidential run during his address to the four-day gathering - described as...

BBC bias: Beeb accused of giving Sturgeon ‘free rein' to attack political rivals

THE BBC has been accused of favouring the SNP and giving Nicola Sturgeon "free rein" to make political attacks on her rivals.

Time's Up criticizes lack of Black members among Golden Globes voters

Time's Up criticizes lack of Black members among Golden Globes voters

Vets inspect hundreds of cows stuck on ‘hellish’ ship for months over bluetongue virus fears

Hundreds of cows face destruction after being left stranded on board a ship for two months over fears they have bovine bluetongue virus. The 895 animals began their "hellish" journey on the Karim Allah after setting off from the Spanish port of Cartagena in mid-December. They had been destined to go to market in Turkey, but authorities there blocked live animal imports from Spain because of a recent bluetongue outbreak in Huesca province. The...

Revealed: UK’s largest supermarkets throw away enough food for 190 million meals each year

Supermarkets are throwing away the equivalent of 190 million meals a year that could be given to the hungry, The Independent reveals today. The latest data shows that Britain’s top 10 chains are donating less than 9 per cent of their surplus food for human consumption. Just 24,242 tons was passed on to the needy out of 282,338 tons of unsold food approaching its use-by or best-before date. The government-backed charity Waste and Resources Action...

Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry refuses to accept royal exit - 'I will never walk away'

PRINCE HARRY said he "will never walk away" from public service during his first TV appearance since stepping down as a full-time working royal.

Biden news -live: President won’t punish MBS for Khashoggi murder as he meets emergency workers in Texas

Joe Biden will not punish Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A declassified report from US intelligence says that the Crown Prince approved a 2018 operation to capture or kill Mr Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The report was made public as the president visited Texas to meet emergency workers and see the clean-up effort after the record-breaking winter storm in the state. The US...

Back off, Brussels! Minister halts work on post-Brexit checkpoints in defiance of EU

CONSTRUCTION work on controversial post-Brexit checkpoints in Northern Ireland has been halted in defiance of Brussels, in a clear signal of rising frustration with rules governing the transport of goods to and from the British mainland.

Trump supporters aim to ‘blow up' Capitol building - stark warning from police chief

DONALD TRUMP's supporters who violently stormed the Capitol last month have said they want to "blow up" the building in Washington, a police chief has warned.

Don't make primary school pupils wear masks, says PHE adviser

Dr Susan Hopkins said experts were 'very strongly' against advising coverings for primary-age youngsters.

Mystery explosion rips through Israeli ship in Gulf of Oman -hours after US attack on Iran

AN ISRAELI owned cargo ship has been hit by a mystery explosion just hours after the US targeted Iranian supported militia in Syria with airstrikes.

Kim Lim, Singapore socialite accused of jumping queue for the COVID vaccine

Unionists warn PM that NI Protocol must be ditched immediately

Former UUP leader and architect of the Good Friday deal, Lord Trimble, is also part of the planned proceedings.

Police and teachers angered by age-based rollout of coronavirus vaccine

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised that vaccination in order of age remains the quickest way to cut deaths.

Myanmar envoy appeals to U.N. to stop coup; more protests planned

Myanmar envoy appeals to U.N. to stop coup; more protests planned

Student, 19, dies from sepsis after ringing GP for appointment 25 times, inquest hears

A university student has died from sepsis after trying 25 times to get through to a GP surgery only to be refused an appointment, an inquest heard. Toby Hudson, 19, was unable to speak to anyone at the practice, in Weymouth, Dorset, because of a faulty phone system, so gave up and tried again the next day. When he did get through to a member of staff he was told he could not have an appointment for at least 48 hours. The teenager was told that...

Biden warns Iran: 'You can't act with impunity. Be careful'

Joe Biden warned Iran to not 'act with impunity' and to 'be careful' over the US military airstrikes on Iranian backed militias in Syria.

Tony Blair wades into vaccine passports debate ‘it's about people feeling safe'

TONY BLAIR waded into the debate over coronavirus vaccine passports which show the holder has either been vaccinated and argued they will be needed to restore normal life in the UK.

As Alex Salmond waved to photographers on his exit from Holyrood, something else left the building too

As former first minister Alex Salmond waved to photographers on his exit from Holyrood, something else left the building.

FBI identifies suspect in death of Capitol police officer during Trump riot

FBI investigators have identified a single suspect in the death of a US Capitol police officer during the pro-Trump riot last month, reports say. Officer Brian Sicknick collapsed and died after being sprayed in the face with a chemical substance, believed to be bear spray, while defending the Capitol Building on 6 January. Investigators have now pinpointed a suspect in a video who attacked Mr Sicknick and other officers with bear spray,...

Boris Johnson signals return of commute with hopes home working will end 'before June'

Boris Johnson told a Network Rail conference Brits are desperate to return to face-to-face working, as ministers reportedly push the PM to bring forward the full lockdown lift

Biden says US ‘weeks ahead of schedule’ and will be first country to 100 million vaccinations

Joe Biden says the United States is “weeks ahead of schedule” and will be the first country in the world to 100 million vaccinations. The president made his confident claim at a federal vaccination site in Texas shortly after experts had recommended Johnson & Johnson’s single shot vaccine for FDA authorisation. Mr Biden told the crowd that the US was now on pace to reach his goal of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days in the White...

Covid news: Public warned to stay at home despite fine weather as one in five areas see rising cases

Case rates rose in one in five local authority areas in England last week and rate of hospital admissions and deaths are still “far too high”, the health secretary has said. Matt Hancock told a Downing Street press conference “this isn’t over yet” as he pointed to figures showing the recent fall in case numbers was now slowing and has flattened in some areas of the country. Also on Friday, a row broke out over the next phase of the vaccination...

Named, shamed but unscathed: Saudi crown prince spared by US realpolitik

Friday was the day that Joe Biden’s vaunted drive to put human rights back at the centre of US foreign policy slammed, as such drives usually do, into the brick wall of great power realpolitik. As it had promised, the new administration obeyed the law laid down by Congress and ignored by its predecessor. It published an unclassified summary of the intelligence assessment that the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, “approved” the murder and...

Sunak to use budget to start repairing UK's public finances

Rishi Sunak will use the volatility in global financial markets to ram home a budget message next week that immediate action is needed to repair the damage to the public finances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the deep downturn caused by the third nationwide lockdown in England, the chancellor – who has been closely monitoring market moves – will announce the first steps towards reducing the biggest peacetime deficit in Britain’s...

Myanmar UN ambassador supports protestors with three finger salute

Myanmar's ambassador to the UN demonstrated his support for pro-democracy protesters by making a three-finger salute as he called on the international community to take the "strongest possible action" against the military regime. Kyaw Moe Tun urged all countries at the General Assembly to condemn the coup which saw civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other government officials detained under house arrest on 1 February. He said they should...

Pope Francis ponders UK visit at end of 2021 - 'High level discussions'

POPE FRANCIS is pondering a visit to the UK at the end of 2021.

The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon

Covid survivors may only get one vaccine dose under Spanish proposal

SPANISH citizens who have already recovered from coronavirus may only receive one vaccine dose under new proposals being investigated by the country's government.

Royal Navy scrambles ship as Russian attack submarine sails through Channel

RUSSIAN attack submarine the RFS Rostov Na Donu has sailed through the English Channel close to UK waters, promoting the Royal Navy to scramble a patrol ship to track its movements.

Migrant crossings: Chris Philp promises a ‘comprehensive plan'

Immigration Minister, Chris Philp, says government is working on a ‘new, comprehensive action plan' to tackle migrant crossings. He says ‘We're still at the point of developing the plan.'

Tiger Woods 'won't walk for three months' as career under threat after horror car crash

The 15-time Major winner has been moved to a new hospital which specialises in rehabbing athletes but faces an enormous challenge if he is to resurrect his golf career

Tiger King: what happened to Joe Exotic and others after the series?

Philip 'wanted Charles to visit him in hospital for talks on future of royal family'

PRINCE PHILIP could have requested Prince Charles visit him in hospital for urgent talks, an ex-royal press secretary has claimed.

Snow Moon: The best photographs of the second full moon of 2021

Clear skies over the UK provided the perfect opportunity for photographers of all skills and sizes to take pictures of the so-called Snow Moon. The results were often spectacular, with many enthusiastic operators of cameras (and naked eyeballs) remarking how bright the earth’s natural satellite appeared. One of the most popular, taken by PA photographer Peter Byrne, showed the full moon rising behind Rivington Pike near Bolton in Greater...

Hundreds of inmates escape after deadly prison break in Haitian capital

More than 400 prisoners were on the run in Haiti on Friday after they escaped from jail in a violent breakout that left 25 people dead, including the prison director, officials said. "Twenty-five people died including six prisoners and Divisional Inspector Paul Hector Joseph who was in charge of the prison," Secretary of Communication Frantz Exantus said of the Thursday mass escape from the jail in the suburbs of capital Port-au-Prince. "Among...

Single shot Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine recommended for FDA authorisation

The single shot Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine has been recommended by experts for Food and Drug Administration authorisation. The unanimous recommendation on Friday paves the way for the FDA to fully approve the vaccine, making it the third one available in the US. If the FDA signs off on it this weekend, millions of doses of the vaccine, which does not need specialist cold storage, could be available across the country next week. The rollout...

Prince Philip marks longest ever stay in hospital as Duke recovers from ‘infection'

PRINCE PHILIP is expected to spend his second weekend in hospital to recover from an infection, royal sources have claimed.

Joe Biden approved airstrike on Iran militia Syria 'killed at least 22'

JOE BIDEN ordered an airstrike on Iranian militia structures in Syria yesterday, killing at least 22 people, according to a war monitor report.

Playing Beatie Bow review – oldest of stage tricks bring new Wharf Theatre to vital life

The oldest of theatre magics are bringing the brand-new Wharf Theatre to vital life in Playing Beatie Bow, the first play in Sydney Theatre Company’s home building since it shut down in 2018 for renovations. The play – Kate Mulvany’s adaptation of the classic Ruth Park novel – uses timeless tricks that even now feel like enchantments. A large swathe of canvas is unrolled and shook; it becomes the glittering waves of Sydney Harbour. A bell hangs...

South Korea vaccinates 18,000 to start ambitious COVID-19 campaign

South Korea vaccinates 18,000 to start ambitious COVID-19 campaign

Channel crossing: UK Army sends military-grade drones to France to curb attempts

THE UK armed forces sold France £28 million worth of military-grade equipment in an effort to curb migrants making their way across the English Channel, it is claimed.

Deluded! Michel Barnier lavishes praise on EU Covid response - despite vaccine farce

THE EU's chief Brexit negotiator has praised the bloc's coronavirus pandemic response in a new book despite outrage across the continent over its slugging vaccination programme.

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley says Trump ‘groomed’ him and other rioters

Jacob Chansley, the man known as the "QAnon Shaman", claims that former President Donald Trump used social media and "public propaganda" to "groom" his followers. Mr Chansley filed a motion Tuesday arguing through his lawyer that he should be released from jail ahead of his trial and that he was only one of millions who were fooled into believing Mr Trump's conspiracy theories. Mr Chansley could receive a long prison sentence for his part in the...

Former PM Theresa May has her Covid vaccine, describes jab as ‘effective and painless’

Theresa May has revealed she has received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, describing the jab as “effective and painless”. The former prime minister, 64, thanked the NHS for their “heroic efforts” during the pandemic, urging others to follow suit by getting the vaccine. All over 60s who have yet to receive their coronavirus jab are now asked to book an appointment online. After all over-50s have been offered a first jab – expected by...